Don’t let your .com domain name get away.

While it’s a fact that millions of .com domains have already been registered, there’s still lots of potential in this popular domain extension. It’s very possible there’s a creative alternate way to brand yourself with dot com. If not, perhaps someone is done using a .com domain name that would be perfect for you and it’s back on the open market. Or maybe your idea is so awesome that nobody has thought of it before. When you find the perfect .com, make sure you grab it fast.

Register .com to protect your brand.

According to Verisign, the registry handling .com domains, this TLD accounts for nearly a third of the more than 335 million domains (and growing) registered today. Registrations for the two most common domains, .com and .net, alone will gain millions of new registrations each year. With .com touching nearly everything imaginable online, it’s a good idea to protect your brand.

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